Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomato Troubles

Saturday night my husband and I went out with some friends of ours for a night of dinner and bowling. They wanted to take us to this really good Mexican joint in Kokomo. Somehow, during the course of the conversation one of our friends told us that she used to work for this tomato processing plant here in town. They pack for EVERYONE, except either Hunt's or Heinz (sorry I can't remember) and Contadina. She told us that we would be absolutely amazed and horrified at some of the stuff that came down the line and got into the tomatoes. Things like snakes, frogs and rats. The really icky part is that the government actually allows a certain amount of that stuff to be in there. Evidently the tomato fields are graded according to quality. Also, the best tomatoes go to better companies and the tomatoes that aren't very good go to lesser companies. I just have to say that at this point I am about totally grossed out by canned food. I'm certainly not naive enough to believe that it would only be this way with tomatoes.

As if I wasn't already excited about the garden we finally were able to put out this past summer - I'm TOTALLY PSYCHED now! Oh, I am sooo thankful. I know that there are no critters or black tomatoes in the jars sitting in my cabinet right now. All the work and hours on my feet and back aches were worth their weight in gold to me at this moment.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a few seed catalogs to go flip through!


  1. What Mexican restuarant did you go to in Kokomo? Was it Don Panchos or Hacienda? There are a few more in Kokomo I know, but these are a couple of my favs to go to when I go home for a visit.

  2. It was El Arierro. It was better than Puerto Vierta, which we usually go to in Muncie. I'll keep the other two in mind. She said that there was another one we'd go to in Kokomo next time, but I don't know the name.


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