Friday, January 23, 2009

Time Saver

So today's tip may really be a "no-brainer" for some people - but for me it really revolutionized a certain area of my life.

First, I feel you must have a little back history. I am a perpetual list maker and planner. Before I start anything new I must research every way that it can be done, then I can make an educated decision on which way will be the best for me to come at it. I then proceed to make a list for every single thing I'm going to need for this project. Quirky? Maybe. It's just how I'm wired. I am a spontaneous planner. I know it makes no sense. Anywho...I have lists for everything; what I need to accomplish during a day, who I need to call, what I need to buy. Most importantly - I NEVER go to the grocery store without a list.

Here is a glimpse of what my grocery shopping routing used to look like. First I cannot even begin to compile the grocery list until I have made out a complete menu for the following week. (I still do this list...another list.) I would then write down everything I needed from the store. Then, I would arrange my grocery list by the areas in the store as I shopped them (HBC, dairy, frozen...) This was insurance that I didn't miss anything on my list. Quite a daunting task. You can only imagine how time consuming this whole routine was every week.

Well, HELLO, inspiration struck and I hit pay dirt! One day as I'm rewriting my grocery list, the thought occurs to me, "Why don't you just make a master grocery list on the computer?" IT CHANGED MY LIFE - I TELL YA! This was such a simple solution for me. Now I have the master menu and the master grocery list on my computer. I keep copies printed off and stuck to the side of my fridge with a magnet. There is also a magnetic pencil basket that holds a highlighter in addition to pens and pencils. Now, whenever I run out of something during the week I just highlight it. My husband even does this! Yay!! When it's time to go the grocery store - I just grab my list and I'm on my way. This one thing has literally taken hours off of my weekly planning.

So, there ya have it. The tip of the week: Make a master list on the computer for your groceries and keep it on the fridge. It will shave time off of your planning and may even get your hubby involved!


  1. Yay. I am NOT a list maker except for groceries. I make mostly mental lists. Writing a to do list is too much pressure because I don't like to not complete something. So I think by not writing it then it is ok if I miss something...Weird, I know.

  2. Would you be up for putting your master list up as a template in pdf or a word document? This is so simple but brilliant!!! Such a waste of time making list after list.

    1. I am sorry to say that I won't be doing that for two reasons... 1) Mama doesn't know how to create one to share, unfortunately. I have the MOST BASIC of computer skills. :-( 2) It doesn't really take long to type up one list and everyone probably has different things that they regularly buy from the store. What is on my list may include things you'd never or rarely pick up and you may buy things that I never would. For instance, I make all of my own soap, skin care items and cleaning products so they aren't on my list. Sorry I can't help you there.... But, I have faith in you! You can DO it!!!


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