Friday, January 9, 2009

Scrub Away!

For this installment of my tip of the week I want to share my favorite face and body scrub. It's so simple, so cheap (whoo hoo!) and is gentle enough to work on your face as well as your legs and elbows.

I make this in a small lock-n-container and keep it right in the shower.

The basic recipe goes as follows: Add enough lemon juice to table sugar to make a thick paste. Then add a little bit of olive oil. Stir together. That's it. The sugar exfoliates. The lemon cleanses. The oil moisturizes.

You can make variations of this depending on what you have on hand. I will sometimes add a little bit of honey in addition to oil. It's good for your skin, too. You can also add kosher salt to the sugar mix. If you were really feeling froggy you could add a few drops of your favorite essential oil - but watch out around your eyes.

Happy scrubbing!

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  1. OK, You are going to save my husband so much money in bath and beauty products that he may actually bring us to visit!! Maybe we can cash in those savings on a plane ticket...Hmmm, the wheels are turning.


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