Awesome Ice Pack
Batch-Cooking Tips
Cheap Baking Stone
Cleaning Journal & Routine
Clean Your Coffee Pot Cheaply and Without Chemicals
Computer Journal for Passwords, Etc.
Don't Throw Your Potato Peels Away!
Don't waste your $$ buying a card. Do this instead.
Easily Get More Iron In Your Diet
Easy Way to Store Silicone Pan Liners
Freeze Those Over-ripe Bananas.
Get Permanent Marker Off Skin
Get Rid of an Oily T-zone
Great Fun & Learning Websites for Kids
Great Sewing Box & How Not to Lose Your Scissors
How to Buy a Kindle, Leather Cover and Book Light for $.06.
How to Get Free Flower Bulbs from a Reputable Company
How to Season Cast Iron Cookware
Lightly Flavor Your Water
Make a Master Grocery List to Save Time
Masking Tape for Labeling Food in the Kitchen
New Uses For Old Jars
No More Limp Celery
Painting Tips
Plant Cuttings and Chalkboard Pots
Portable Drink Containers if You've Yet to Buy Stainless Steel
Real Food Resources
Save $$ and Space on Wrapping Paper

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  1. Read through all of your tip guides. There are a lot of great tips that I will have to try in my own home. Like the master grocery list. That is just genius, I would never have thought of that ever on my own. Thanks for post all of these amazing tips.


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