Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Have to Check Out What I Got In the Mail!

Y'all, I was so excited when this package came in the mail yesterday.  Like, really, really excited.  Because this is what was inside.

Of course I was excited because it was a bona fide Kindle, but I was also over the moon because I bought it brand new for exactly $.06.  Yes, you read that right - six whopping cents!  And, I could've gotten it for free if I had been slightly more patient.  You wanna know how?  Ok, you can quit twisting my arm now.  I couldn't wait to spill the beans anyway. :0)

You're probably familiar with Swagbucks by now, but just in case you live on Jupiter or something - Swagbucks is a site that you can set as your homepage or download to your toolbar and you use it as a search engine just like you would Google or whatever your search engine of choice would be.  The difference is that Swagbucks rewards you for searching with them - in - wait for it...Swagbucks (SB).  You didn't see that coming did you?  You can also earn SB by taking a 10 second daily poll, watching short videos, taking advantage of special offers and a host of other options.  I mostly just use it as a search engine and take the daily polls and still earn enough SB to buy great stuff.  You can redeem your SB for a gazillion different doodads or gift cards.  I always redeem them for gift cards because I figure a gal can buy anything her little heart could desire on there.  Which leads me to my next tid bit for you...

Did you know that has a buy back program?  So does Swagbucks for that matter, but we're talking about now. They will buy back books, DVD's, and games and gaming consoles.  Seeing as how we're a homeschooling family, we have books coming out of our ears at the moment.  So, I did a check of all the ones we're ready to part with to see which titles were part of's buy back program.  It was really simple.  They have a detailed explanation on their site.  Anyway, I added the books I would be returning to my "cart" and when I was finished I simply had to print off the shipping label they provide (and pay for), box up the books, apply the shipping label, drop it off at a UPS drop center and wait for my credit.  I was surprised at how quickly they received my shipment and credited my account.  When I saw how easy that was I started pilfering through all those old DVD's that never get watched and sent them in, too.

Between my credit for Amazon's buy back program and the gift cards I was able to redeem through Swagbucks, I came up exactly $.06 short of being able to purchase my new Kindle.  I have more SB to redeem, but have to wait until August to do that, as you're only allowed to redeem 5 prizes per month through Swagbucks.  I figured $.06 wasn't worth waiting an entire month for just to be able to say that I got it for free.

So, if you're doing some summer clutter removing and have books, movies, and gaming consoles or games that are just sitting around collecting dust - you should really look into's buy back program.  It's way easier than having a yard sale. :0)

If you're not already using Swagbucks as your search engine, I would highly recommend it.  If you're searching anyway, why not get rewarded for it?  If you decide to look into it, I would be very grateful if you link through the Swagbucks banner on my left-hand column over there.  I'll get rewarded if you link up through my site.  And then, if you get people using Swagbucks, you'll be rewarded, too.  It's a win-win situation.



  1. .06!!!!

    Ok, I am SO GONNA check out swagbucks today. Sheesh. (I have been leary of toolbars...but if you say it is ok....)


  2. That's wonderful! Having an eReader has really changed my life. I have a NOOK Color and absolutely adore it!


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