Thursday, July 7, 2011

Freezin' Nanners

Do you ever have bananas get too ripe on you and wonder what to do with them?  Sometimes I'll make banana bread with them if I've got the time.  But, I don't usually have the time.  I had heard that you can freeze them and then use them for smoothies or what-not.  So, I tried it.  I found out that you just can't peel a frozen banana.  Light bulb moment!  Peel them first.

Stick those peeled nanners in a bag and throw 'em in the freezer and they'll be ready for you when you want to make those smoothies.  I suspect you could even use 'em for banana bread.  No peeling' required.


  1. Good idea! I usually let them thaw out, then peel them...a little messy, but the bananana slips right out of the peeling. I like your idea better. Have you tried it?

  2. Rachel,

    Yes, the darker banana in the bottom of the bag in the last picture was already frozen and I just added more to the bag. I never could get the hang of peeling a frozen banana. This is sooo much easier!

  3. Good Idea! I enjoy your posts.

  4. Thanks for the idea! A frozen banana is really good - frozen - on a hot summer day! mmm-mmm!

  5. I normally freeze my bananas in the peel because I thought the banana would turn dark in the freezer without the peel!

    Even though the banana is not that hard to peel if you run water over it first, it still can get a little messy.

    I have some bananas I bought on sale just yesterday. Gonna try your method! Thanks for posting this...


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