Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wrapping Paper Money Saving Tip

Take a look under my Christmas tree.  What do you notice?

I kept trying to get a closer shot for you, but kept getting pics like this...

and this...

Apparently my dog felt that it was her duty to climb right underneath me the moment I laid on the floor to try and take a photo.  She has no consideration for the artistic. :0) But, shoot, look how happy she is! LOL

Anyway, I did manage to snap a close up that didn't include my pooch. Check out all the packages.  Ignore the light cords. :0)

What I wanted you to notice is that all the packages are wrapped in the same paper.  There's a reason for this.  I'm cheap frugal. :0)

A few years ago I was at Hobby Lobby after Christmas when all of their holiday merchandise was 80 or 90 percent off.  I saw this huge roll of wrapping paper for a little bit of nothing and the wheels started churning.  I realized that this wrapping paper really acted as a neutral backdrop and that by adding different ribbons, doodads and bobbles it could be used for any gift, not just Christmas.  This was great  for me not only because it was on sale - this meant that I wouldn't have to buy separate paper for birthdays, weddings and baby showers.  Also, it's much easier to store one roll of wrapping paper than it is to store five.  This is really heavy paper that has a grid on the back for cutting straight lines so it doesn't look like you were in a drunken stupor when you wrapped presents.

Pastel ribbons work well for baby gifts.  Silver or white lends itself to weddings or wedding showers.  And, bright ribbons work well for birthdays. I have also used raffia as the ribbon for this paper.   You could also get creative and add doodads like a silver spoon or rattle to the outside of the package for a baby gift.

My money saving point is this... Instead of buying several different papers to wrap many different occasions, buy one versatile roll and use it for everything.  Or, re-purpose brown paper bags and stamp them yourself to match different occasions.  Better yet, hand the kiddies a box of crayons or some paint and let them go to town creating a one of a kind wrapping paper.  

Right now, Hobby Lobby usually runs their wrapping supplies at 50% off.  But, after Christmas the discounts will get deeper.  I know that Hob Lob will take the discounts all the way to 80% or 90%.  Most stores operate this way.  I've had this paper for about 3 years now and still have quite a bit left.  But, I'm planning on hitting up Hob Lob when they deeply discount the Christmas stuff again and pick up another versatile roll as well as different colors of curling ribbons.  That way I'll be prepared for whatever parties come our way this year for just a bit of change. :0) 

One more tip on these lines.  When the discounts hit 80% - 90%, I often use that time to buy really beautiful ornaments and store them away for the next year.  These are great to add to gift baskets or to use as part of the wrapping by attaching with the ribbon.  They would also make lovely teacher gifts without breaking the bank.

What do you use for wrapping paper?  Are you a one paper for all purposes person, like me?  Or, do you have many beautiful papers for each occasion?  Do you have any wrapping tips or money saving ideas?  Please, feel free to share them in the comments.  People helping people and all... :0)

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  1. Awwwww, your pup is SO cute! :) Love the feet shot! ha that's totally something my dog would do....get in every single picture! haha
    Love the hounds tooth paper too! Cute!

  2. I used to buy paper all the time, but now I have a collection that I reuse. I also keep all bags we receive gifts in, and I sometimes even salvage bits of reusable wrapping and tissue paper! But I love your idea. I want to go find a roll like the one you have!
    I love your dog ~ she has such personality :)

  3. I use newspaper, junk mail and anything that would otherwise end up in my recycling bin anyways! Cute wrapping paper!

  4. Cowgirl ~ Thanks! She is quite a trip.

    Jenny ~ I reuse gift bags, too. I haven't managed to save wrapping paper from gifts, though.

    Good Girl ~ I don't take the paper, though I think using it as wrapping is a great idea. :0) The junk mail wrapping intrigues me. Most of my junk mail is on regular sized paper. Do you just wrap smaller gifts with it?

  5. Your dog cracks me up! I love the look of uniform gifts.

  6. Aww you pup is so cute. My beast of a dog is ALWAYS under the tree. There is something about it that he loves every year!

  7. This would be great for my linky -- the Frugal Tuesday Tip. Love the houndstooth, too.

  8. I absolutely agree with you on the ornaments after Christmas. I always wait until after the holiday to see what I can get. Easter and Halloween are good ones to hunt after, too.

    This year, I got some red polka-dot paper at the dollar store that I LOVE. It is perfect and could go with anything. I bought quite a bit of it!

  9. I LOVE after Christmas's my thang. ;) Great ideas!
    I've also heard the idea that you can wrap each family member's gifts in a different type of wrapping paper and then you don't need tags. :-)

  10. Julia ~ I'm sorry I missed the party. I'll try to catch the next one. Thanks for letting me know about it. :0)

    Jocelyn ~ I love to shop all of the 'after holiday' sales, too. I think red polka dot paper would be totally awesome! You go girl!

    Stacy ~ I've also heard about wrapping each person's gifts in different paper, though I've never done that. I suppose that a spin on that with the paper I have is that each person gets a different colored ribbon. Hmmm...I'll need to consider that next year.


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