Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OK, y'all.  Today I need your help.  This past week I bought a new quilt and shams for our bed.  Both me and my husband loved the old coverlet.  It was very "us".  But, it was 6 or 7 years old and getting some discolorations on it that just wouldn't come out in the wash.  We knew it was time to move on.

old coverlet

I had to run into Kmart this past week and noticed that the quilt by Country Living that I've had my eye on every since they started carrying that line was on sale.  I was able to snag a king size quilt with matching pillow shams for $49.99. Yes!

Although you can't see it in this picture, it's really soft and textural and has a beautiful design stitched into it.

The reverse side has this light print with embroidery like the pillow shams in this picture.  It will be perfect for spring and summer.  

Here's a close up.  Ignore the dark spot that my camera loves to imprint into every picture. :0)

We are really happy with the new quilt.  As a matter of fact, I seem to be drawn to just about everything in Country Living's new home line.  It's also my favorite magazine.  I so look forward to every issue that comes.  Not that you care.  I'm just sayin'... :0)

Anyways, not one to waste - I now have a fabric from a king size coverlet, 2 king size shams and 2 valances.  Anybody have any ideas as to what I can transform all that material into?  I was kicking around the idea of cutting down the coverlet into a smaller throw.  Also, I switch all the red accessories from fall and winter out of my living and dining rooms every spring for light blues.  I could also go something along the lines of a table cloth.  But, being a novice sewer, I'm really open to ideas and suggestions at this point.  Any ideas for me?  Please?  :0)

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