Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wii Are Getting Fit!

I love to get things in the mail...or by UPS. Doesn't matter. But I feel like a kid a Christmas when I see the big, brown, truck drive up and stop in front of my house...just like it did on Wednesday. My Wii Fit arrived! Yay!

At this point I feel I need to back track a hair. When we went home for Christmas this year my sister and her family had gotten a Wii for Christmas. That was my first encounter with this new phenomenon. It was really cool and we thought it would be a good thing for our family. So we saved and bought one a few weeks ago. It has really gotten quite a bit use already. We also have heard a lot about Wii Fit - great things, of course. So, we thought that would be great, too. When Mom and Sis came last weekend, Sis brought her Wii Fit so we could see how it works. And, no, I'm not trying to keep up with my sister. She just happened to beat me to the punch. What a trend setter she is. She is this very tall, very thin, blond. I am this short, fat, brunette. When you stand us side by side we look like spaghetti and meatballs! Sometimes I even wonder how we come from the same gene pool! If you haven't tried Wii Fit before, it's awesome! It checks your posture, weight, BMI...and keeps track of your progress. It also gives you tips and helpful info to assist you in getting even MORE fit. What a machine. It's kind of like having a personal trainer.

We have looked for them in the stores and they are really hard to get a hold of. Sister suggested we look online. Like, duh...WHO is the blond here? Anyway, last Sunday I ordered one from Best Buy online, standard shipping. We received it on Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! Wow, that was fast. I was very impressed with them.

I am actually having FUN with it. This is something that I will ACTUALLY use. It's cheaper than a year's membership to the gym. I don't have to leave my house when it's nasty out to do it. I can use it in my P.J.s if I want to. And I don't have to stare at a blank wall like when I'm on the treadmill. It sort of tricks me into not realizing that I'm actually getting E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E. VERY COOL.

So, I'm making it official. I'm putting it out there in Bloggy Land. I'm hoping to lose my newlywed weight. Or was it my baby fat? I think it's actually my 'I really like to eat too much and can't stay out of the Girl Scout Cookies. I can't believe I ate a whole box of Samoas by one day.' fat.

On an encouraging note - Wii Fit tracks every single ounce you lose. You don't have to wait for a whole pound to see motivation. I am happy to announce that just by playing on my new toy I lost 3.8 pounds this week. Of course that is after my 1.7 pound gain after the whole Samoa fiasco! But we'll keep that our little secret!

Wish me well.


  1. We got the Wii fit for Christmas and we have been loving it ever since. Can't say I've lost any weight doing it...wish I could, but I haven't been "everyday" dedicated! Lots of fun though....the kids get alot of exercise from it.
    I wish you "skinniness"!

  2. I've been reading a lot about it but never really knew much about Wii fit. I'll be interested to read your progress. Sounds like fun.


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