Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Updates

I have Spring Fever! The temperatures were mild this weekend and only required a light jacket. We were able to take a walk to the park and drive with the windows down. Yay! I am sooo ready for Spring. Did I mention I have Spring Fever already?

Back in the Fall we planted 180 tulip bulbs and 25 iris bulbs in the front yard. They have started peeking their noses out of the ground. I absolutely love flowers. I can't wait until my front yard is awash with color and I can clip them for indoor arrangements, too! This photo is of one of my tulip bouquets from last spring. There were already of few tulips that came with the house.

I mentioned that we got the Wii Fit recently. I am sooo lovin' it! It's actually fun. It makes being faithful to exercise quite doable for this ol' girl. I have noticed a huge improvement in my balance and posture since I have been using it almost regularly. I didn't use it a whole lot at the beginning of last week due to a sinus infection that had me feeling pretty poopy. Even still, the weight is slowly creeping down. Works for me!

Have you used the new Crest Spinbrush Pro Whitening toothbrush, yet? I highly recommend it. When I went to the doctor last week she said that we needed to change out our toothbrushes this weekend because both MW and myself had been sick. So, instead of buying the old fashioned "regular" toothbrushes that I normally buy - MW wanted to try the new Crest Spinbrush Pro Whitening toothbrush. Everyone in the house got a new one. Let me just say, I am SUPER impressed. Even the places in my mouth that I normally feel don't get as clean as I would like them to are spotless. Would it be weird to say that this new toothbrush actually makes brushing your teeth fun? Well, I just did anyway! If you're interested in trying it out you can click on this link for a $2 coupon you can print out. Did I mention that it's totally awesome?

Happy Monday!
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  1. I just might go out and get me a CrestSpin brush! Sounds great!
    The weather has been great, but I hear we are getting another cold spell....we've been talking about this in school...March like a lion out like a lamb. It could be warm and sunny or cold and sleeting all in the same week around here in March. I'm with you on Spring though...bring on the sunshine and the flowers....I'm ready!


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