Monday, March 16, 2009

Laundry Room Progress

We made great strides in the laundry room this past week. We finally got it painted. I didn't have a complete before picture - but I did get a corner of the room when we were removing the old wall paper border. The walls were filthy and had huge gouges in them.

After painting the entire room white - I brought the wall color from the guest room at the top of the stairs down to two of the walls by painting 9" stripes. See my dryer under the stairs?

It would have been too hard to stripe the walls where the washing machine and furnace were so I added a phrase that has a play on words with our last name above the laundry shelf.

I had mentioned that "room" was a word I used extremely loosely in this area of the house. You can kind of get a sense of what I mean in the picture with the washer. Remember, my dryer is across from the washing machine, under the stairs.

We still need to paint out all of the wood trim white. We are going to do that through out the entire house, so we'll just tackle it all at the same time. And I also am going to get rid of the lace curtains and make a simple Roman shade for the window. I also want to make a skirt to on the bottom of the shelf to hide some of the uglies. The last thing I'm going to do is hang some pictures on the wall going up the stairs. The verdict is still out on the color of the frames, though.

When I went to JoAnn Fabric this weekend I found the most absolutely perfect fabric to use for my curtains, shelf skirt and cubby panels in this room and the guest room. It is the exact same color of the darker paint stripes and I got it on sale for $1.20 a yard. I was really excited about that deal. Anyway, as you can see we are making progress and the room now feels so much fresher and cleaner than it did a few days ago.

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  1. Looks great! I love freshly painted rooms! Thanks for the pics...I enjoy seeing the progress


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