Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gearing Up For The Sunny Days Ahead!

I am sooo ready for Spring and Summer! I check on my tulips and irises every day because it's so exciting to see how much they are growing. I'm about ready to get out there and get my hands in the dirt, though. We went to Menard's the other night and bought a bunch of stuff so we can start playing in the dirt. We bought some fencing so we can fence off the part of the yard behind the garage that is dedicated to our garden. MW started setting posts last night after work. This will definitely help with the dog! For one, we won't have to be concerned with finding a way to keep her off of our baby vegetables. And that's one less dirt pile for her to get in and drag mud in the house when it rains. Yay!

We bought a couple of apple trees for the front yard. That's one thing I have missed about Florida. We had planted citrus trees there. I LOOOOVED being able to walk out into my own yard and pick fresh Meyer Lemons for cooking or making homemade lemonade. Thank you, Paula Deen, for the awesome recipe! And, oh, the ruby red grapefruit! I'm drooling just thinking about it. I would fill the sink and counter top with them and juice to my little heart's content. I don't even bother buying it in the store any more. The fresh juice ruined me. Although, I can't grow citrus anymore, I will be having me some Granny Smith and Jonathan apples one day! My dream is to have every kind of fruit tree that I would care to eat (and that will grow here) in my yard. We're baby steppin'. I'd probably need a bigger yard, too, though!

So, we bought the fencing for the garden, trees for front, and...seeds. Garden seeds. Flower seeds. Sunflower seeds. OK, I know that Sunflowers fall into the flower category, but indulge me just a little, will ya? I love them. I didn't realize just how much I loved them, though, until last summer. Little Britches got a free pack of Sunflower seeds last year from the local grocery store's kid's club. Those things grew like crazy! They are such a happy flower. I even had several neighbors comment on how much they were enjoying our Sunflowers. They watched them every day like I'm watching my tulips and irises right now. Did I mention that I think they are a really happy flower? This year I bought three different kinds because I love them so much.

I bought the mammoth kind like these. They were like 12-14 feet tall. They were even too big to use as a cut flower. So, I also bought some that will be 5-6 feet tall. They're supposed to be perfect for cutting. And then...I saw them. Garnet colored Sunflowers that will be 4-5 feet tall. Yay! They will match the garnet colored scheme in my house that you couldn't see in my toile post that you'll just have to trust me on! How divine will they be? And they are such a happy flower!

So, we're gearing up for the endless days of sunshine around here. We have lots of projects planned and plenty to keep us busy. But, tomorrow, we play. MW is taking the day off of work and we are going to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. That place is amazing. But, that will be for a post next week. Then on Saturday I get to play some more. I'm having a shopping day with a girlfriend while MW plants apple trees and works on that fence. More yay!

Little Britches will be having a sleepover with Mamaw Friday night. So, Mom and Dad will have a night alone. Did I hear someone say yay? Wait, that was me! Isn't he a handsome fellow?

Well, I will be signing off now. I hope you enjoyed pictures of my Sunflowers from last summer. And I hope you have a happy Thursday!

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