Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Room Details

Yesterday I shared with you some pictures of the guest room that I'm working on. Almost everything in the room has been free except for the paint I used and a few do-dads to set out.

This lampshade wasn't free - but the lamp it's sitting on was. I bought the pre-glued shade with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby. That place is one of my most favorite stores, evuh! I bought the fabric there at 30% off also. Next, I jogged on down (Not really, 'cause I don't run unless it's life threatening!) to JoAnn Fabric and bought the trim with my 40% off coupons. The total cost of all my supplies for this shade, including tax, was less than $15.50. I'm pretty happy with that after pricing lampshades at several stores.

These are my T.J. Maxx plates. The two blue ones were $.70 a piece. I wish that they had one more. But since they didn't I had found this white one that I thought was really cute for $3.00. I wasn't sure where I was going to put it at first. I settled on using it on the wall with my two blue ones. I don't know yet if I'm completely sold on it, though. I'm playing around with the idea of putting a monogram in blue on the center of the white plate. I'll have to see how that looks.

This is the table that MW pull out of a dumpster for me. Ahh, I love that man! He said, "I saw this and thought it looked like something you'd love." At first I thought I might refinish it. I'm sorta diggin' the knargly, dinged up character of the piece right now, though. I think it shows that it has a history. I'm not sure. All things are subject to change. Any thoughts on this matter?

I picked up the books that are scattered around the room at our library. Every so often they have a sale. You load up as many books as you like and then just give them a donation. Very inexpesive.

Well, I need to scoot for now. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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