Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Ramblings About My Upcoming Week And A Strange Question

I had such a great weekend. One of the very romantic things me and MW did on Saturday was go to the hardware store and buy the paint for the upstairs guest room and laundry room. It's not like the paint sample hasn't been taped to the wall for months now or anything. And it's not like we haven't known that my family was coming this weekend for one month now or anything. And it's REALLY not like we're in the habit of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to see just how much work we can cram into a few days and still get the job done or anything. No, nothing like that at all. Life just always seems to get in the way and certain things just aren't a high priority at the time. MW has been having really late nights at work this week. Part of the uncertainty in working in a 24 hour emergency service business and all. He did manage to get the walls all sanded down yesterday. I can prep and paint myself, if I have to. Hopefully, he'll be able to pitch in some, too, though. However, he's in charge of the pager this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a very quiet week at work for him. There is this joke around the office that the pager never goes off until the week that he has it. It's the darndest thing.

So, my family will be here Friday. Today is Monday. I have to wash down the walls and vacuum up all of the sand dust. Tape off the flooring so we can paint. Paint. Clean. Ugh. Get the room in order. Go out in the garage and find all of the 'pretties' that have been stored out there for the past year because that's how long it has taken to actually get to these rooms. Isn't that pathetic? And I also need to manage to get school in. Does a hands on work experience count towards homeschooling? Hmm. Maybe I can figure out a way to pull that one off. I really don't see myself getting those throw pillows for the couch and curtains for Little Britches' room done before Friday, too, though. Oh yeah. I just remembered the ginormous cork board leaning against the kitchen wall that screams at me to paint it every time I walk past it. That need to be done so we can hang it up in the littler guy's room before they get here as well. So much to why am I on the computer again?

I dropped some items off at the Thrift Store on Friday afternoon as took a peek around while I was in there. I have found some of the coolest stuff for my house at that crappy little thrift store. I picked up a red vase for a buck once because I thought it would look good on top of my TV armoire. When I got it home and cleaned it up I noticed it had a stamp mark on the bottom of it. So, I googled. I found out it is by a very famous German pottery maker. I'm sure they had no idea. Cool huh? Anyhoo (Get off of the computer, Pam)...they have this table at the Thrift Store right now that I'm thinking is really cool and would look super awesome upstairs in the guest room. We have these two wing back chairs that are begging me for a table to go with them so they can create a really comfy, cozy, reading nook/place for the company to put their socks on spot. I truly hate to disappoint those lovely chairs. So, back to the table. (Can you tell I'm a little scattered this morning?) I like older things. I think they have character. This table is full of it. It is round with these really cool spindle legs and a shelf underneath the top. It is a darker wood, which will go great in that room. And the top of it is inset with marble. There is a rectangular table with drawers that matches it. I'm not sure if I would want that one or not, though. I wish I would have thought to take a picture while I was in there. The lady said that they had been there for about a month. They are $50 a piece or $75 for the pair. I'm thinking I'm probably too cheap to pay that much. Once I get the room painted and situated I'll have to examine it more closely - take my tape measure and all to see if the size is right. If I really want it - I'll need to get MW on board. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to post here before too long. OK. I really need to get off of the computer now.

One more thing before I go. This is really off subject. Is it totally weird to all of a sudden like a certain food that you don't normally care for? Does anyone know if that is a funky part of getting older? When I was grocery shopping Friday I saw the grits and thought, "Mmm. Those look good." So, I bought a box. I don't even like grits...but, I sure have eaten them every day since then. I even had them for dinner one night. Is this totally weird?

OK. So, now I REALLY am going. I'll post more later.


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