Saturday, February 21, 2009

Booger Soup

I missed out on My Husband Rocks - Fridays, yesterday, but I had a good reason. My mom and sister and her kids left the men at home and came for a quick visit. This is the first time that any of my family has come to visit at my 'new' home. Unfortunately, due to a Winter storm that is coming through today - they had to cut their quick trip even shorter. Not getting stuck in bad weather and all of that blah, blah, blah...Our dad and sister's husband stew like a couple of old hens with their wives being gone and traveling and all of that stuff. Of course, MW would have been the same way!

Even though it was a short visit - it was wonderful, none-the-less. We laughed and played Wii. Dear Sister brought her Wii Fit for me to try. My virtual trainer was a real smart alack! After she put me through all these tests to check my posture, balance....she had the NERVE to tell me that I have poor balance. THEN she asked me if I trip a lot!! which I replied, "Yes! MW wouldn't even let me walk and carry Little Britches when he was an infant because I have a habit of tripping over nothing!" My middle name is Grace, by the way. Not really. But maybe it would have helped.

One of the most exciting parts of their short visit came at dinner time. Dear Sister wanted tomato soup to eat. So, tomato soup she got. As she is sitting at the dining room table savoring her scrumptious soup from a can, she held Darling Niece, who is two and half years old, on her lap. Darling Niece had been up since 7 am with no nap. So, at this point she's getting....cranky. She found something to do to cheer herself up, though.
(The above is a picture of Darling Niece from this past summer.)

Marvelous Mother, Dear Sister and I are sitting at the table engorged in wonderful conversation - not really paying attention to what Darling Niece is doing on her mommy's lap. She interrupts our dinner banter with an interesting statement to her mommy. Their conversation went something like this:

DN: "I put a booger in your soup."

DS: "You did WHAT?"

DN: "I put a booger in your soup. See?"

DS: as she's pushing her bowl away after closer inspection, "Oh, Honey, we don't put boogers in people's food."

DN: as she is picking her nose and then wiping it on the dining room table, "But I did. See?"

I did what any GOOD sister would do and offered to scoop the incriminating booger out of Dear Sister's soup for her so she could continue her five-star meal. NO I DIDN'T! I DID offer to get her another bowl, though. For the life of me I can't figure out why she suddenly had no appetite left. I am SURE that she has eaten plenty of boogers in her time! (She was glad, though, that she had opted to NOT eat the pizza. She would have thought it was green pepper!)

All the while, I'm laughing to point of peeing my pants. I grab my camera out of my purse and attempt several times to take a picture of the Booger Soup to share with you wonderful people. But...the batteries had gotten too cold and wouldn't cooperate. Sigh. After many failed attempts I surrendered the idea of a snapshot for this blog I knew I would post. So, I grabbed the half-eaten bowl of Booger Soup and take it to the sink and wash it away until it was nothing more than a mere memory.

My laughter suddenly turns to something else. Something awful. As I begin to pour the infamous soup down the drain of the sink my eye catches a glimpse of that horrid felon...the big, green booger. In an instant my jaw wrenching laughter turns to mouth watering, eye tearing gags and heaves. It was all I could do not to puke right there. The tables had turned. My sister's agony had been the source of my great amusement. Now, with every heave of my stomach, Dear Sister laughed all the harder. Marvelous Mother tried her darndest to ignore us all and enjoy the remainder of her supper. And Darling Niece watched on looking oblivious to the fact that she had caused such a ruckus to begin with. The two boys were having a pizza party upstairs and had no idea that they were missing all the fun.

So, the lesson I learned from this experience is this: Booger Soup makes for an exciting dinner party. Also, two year olds haven't yet learned that boogers aren't REALLY protein. Dear Sister may want to give a primer in the 4 basic food groups to Darling Niece.

Have a great weekend and may all of your food be booger free!


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