Saturday, February 7, 2009

Having Fun Together

Well, I've haven't been consistent with this at all because I can't figure out how to get the meme button to work right. But, because I want to participate - I'm going to anyway. If you would like to be a part of My Husband Rocks Fridays (I'm also a day late - but life happens!) you can click on The Great Adventure in my left hand side bar's blog roll. Katy Lin's site will fill you in on all the details and you can also see how so many other husbands rock as well.

This week we are supposed to tell some of the things we do for fun together.

First of all I must say that my husband is a riot. We don't have to DO anything to have fun together. An example of this would be this morning after breakfast I was washing up the dishes and Chris and Isaac were watching some TV show about junk yards and demolition derbies (guy stuff). One of the guys said something about a broken axle and Isaac said, "What did he just say?" From the kitchen I remarked, "Isaac must be the swear word police today." So Chris explains that an axle is part of car then goes into this whole conversation with himself. "Axel? What did you just call me? I'm not an axle. I'm a piston!" I promise - it was hilarious if you'd have been here. I was belly laughing! Anyway, we have a blast together no matter what we're doing.

We used to go camping and take picnics by the water together. A lot of times we'd go wading in the creek. We don't do as much of that stuff as we used to for a number of reasons; a) We lived in FL for so many years. Wading in the water with things that can kill you just wasn't for us. Neither was fighting off mosquitoes so big they could carry you away. b) We also had a child. That limited our freedom for quite some time. We are beginning to be able to do more of those things again. But we also like to get out by ourselves and drive in the country. One of my most favorite memories was from this past fall when we did that on a motorcycle. Something about feeling my chest against his back with the wind in our faces was absolutely wonderful. Sometimes we also just like to lay next to each other and talk and dream.

The thing that we have discovered through the years is that everything is special and fun as long as we're together.

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