Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Bit the Bullet

Well, I finally bit the bullet. The blogging bullet that is. I finally broke down and decided to set up my own blog. This is after much consideration and even starting to set one up and then chickening out and deleting it not too long ago. So, here I am setting up all the things I want to go onto this new blog of mine and I decide to put some really cool pictures of my family on it. I wheel on over to the button that allows me to browse my pictures and...........they're gone. Completely and mysteriously missing from my computer. I know that they were there yesterday because I just installed a new printer with photo capabilities and spent many hours tagging and arranging my 900 and some pictures.....Oh,no. I hope I haven't had a stupid moment. You know the ones where you do something really stupid like accidentally delete your favorite family photos from your computer, to which you have no back ups because you never thought until just now about saving them to a picture CD? Hopefully they have just meandered around to another place in the computer - maybe to visit my sister's family or something. If I find them, and I will search, I will put them back in their place and make them come out for a visit to this page. See ya round.


  1. OH NO! I hope you find them. I have never organized my photos and tagged them because the task seems too daunting.

    Welcome to blogging!! Watch out- it can get addicting. *grin*

  2. Glad to see you blogging! And yes it can get very addicting and time consuming.


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