Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dog Sense

I really don't know how they do it. You see, we are leaving today to spend Christmas with my family in Michigan. That means that our dog, Layla, had an appointment with the kennel today. Yesterday she began to get very needy. She followed me everywhere and constantly wanted to touch me. It's like she knew we were leaving. She can't speak English and the suitcases weren't even out, yet. But it's like she has this sixth sense. She did this last time we went away, too.
Even my husband (who tends to be very sceptical with the genius ability of dogs) is on board with this strange doggie phenomenon. Last night I was in the kitchen baking and she just stood there the whole time. I mentioned to him how clingy she'd been that day and he said, "How do they know that? It's really a trip."

If anyone else has any insights - I'd really be interested in it.

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  1. We have noticed the same thing with Ben. He also knows when there is a sickness coming or when one of us are having a hard time (maybe sad) he seems to be persistently beside us trying to rub against us. When my sister was really badly sick he kept trying to jump on her bed (which is way out of character for him) because he knew how badly off she was.


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