Saturday, January 9, 2010


Feel like having a little design fun today? Then take a short design quiz at Sproost and see what your decorating style is!

My style came up equal parts Nantucket and Mountain Lodge -with a little Wine Country or Cottage Chic thrown in for good measure. How's that for variety? LOL! I never really thought of myself as a beach lover - I'm more of a mountain girl. But, when they explained the feel of beach style - well, I do love pale colors, wood and comfort. Incidentally, those two styles have a lot in common; no frills, bring nature in, cozy, comfortable... This was a little surprising to me, but amazingly accurate.

This is one example of what could be considered Nantucket or beach style. I love the pale colors, bead board and wood floors. Check out that wicker trash can by the pedestal sink. It's all about light and texture. Love it!

This would be another example. More bead board on the cabinets, light colors, painted floor. Are we seeing a theme here? Both of these photos came out of my inspiration file. I don't remember where I got them from. If anyone knows and wants to tell me, I'll happily post the source.

Picture from Sproost

Then there is the Mountain Lodge. Look at that fireplace! I can't even begin to tell you how much it love it! Then there is all that wood and the built-in book cases. I love this room even though a couple of the sofas and the ottoman are a little dark for my taste. Lighten the fabric up some and white wash some of that wood and I think it would be a happy mix with the Nantucket style!

If you want to take the short quiz to find out where your design style fits in, head on over and visit Sproost.

Have a great weekend!

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