Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday in the Kitchen

Monday was sooooo busy for me. I was in the kitchen for the. entire. day. Seriously. I needed to make some multi-grain bread. Then, I got a wild hair and decided to try my hand at baking French Baguette while I was at it. Six loaves of French Baguette to be exact. I know, what was I thinking? I cleaned the house, I helped Isaac with his school work.

Then it was time to make dinner - homemade pizza. So, after baking seven loaves of bread I had to make pizza crust, caramelize onions, and cook the meat for our pizza toppings. By the time we were done with dinner that night - I was done myself. D.O.N.E. But...I still needed to clean the kitchen. UGH! It was the very last thing I wanted to do. I thought about NOT cleaning the kitchen and just letting it all wait until Tuesday morning. After all, my back was screaming and my dogs were barking - that means my feet hurt in Hillbilly vernacular. But there's something about waking up to a clean kitchen. I used to let it wait 'till the next morning all the time. I used to always feel like I was behind before I ever got started, too. So, I dug in and cleaned the kitchen. Come Tuesday morning I was glad that I did!

Boy, when my head hit the pillow that night - I was gone. I don't remember anything! I slept like a rock all night long. It was one of the best night's sleep I've had in a while.

If you'd like to take a peek at my French Baguette making escapades - visit Adventures in Homemaking. Also, I'd like to invite you sign up for that blog as well. You can click on the 'subscribe to' button on that page. I'll be posting there more frequently because I run a household every day and only do fun stuff outside the house some days. :0) Plus, my brain can get pretty fried in regards to anything not to do with the house. :0) So, I hope you choose to join me at my other blog, too!

Happy Wednesday!



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