Monday, January 4, 2010

New Blog Launch

I have been kind of stagnant with this blog lately. My life has been very busy with what most would see as the mundane. I haven't done anything extremely stupid to blog about lately for your pleasure (thank God). And I have felt like I have been lacking direction where the blog is concerned. I love blogging - I've just been very bad at it lately.

On the same token, I have been feeling a very strong pull lately to get back to the basics - to learn the art of simplicity. I have given myself the challenge of learning the art of homemaking like women for many generations before me knew it. I am a homemaker. I am going to fully embrace that calling. I want to learn to make things from scratch that I have thoughtlessly bought from the stores my whole life. I want to hone my sewing skills. I would like to learn to knit or crochet. I want to learn many more things in the craft of homemaking. I need to get organized and on a cleaning routine. I desire to cut spending costs in as many ways as possible. My husband and I have lofty goals of raising chickens and canning all of our own veggies. That means we'll need to learn more about gardening (and leaving a butt load of tomatoes on the vine because they ripened late and I was too busy won't be an option). One day we'd love to have a cow and a pig, and be self-sufficient. And, I'll need to do all this while homeschooling. Call me crazy. I probably am.

In light of this, I have started a new blog that will deal specifically with my quest for becoming a Domestic Diva, Adventures in Homemaking. I will still blog here about my stupid antics, family life, random ramblings and goings on. I just have a feeling that I'll be spending more time at my other blog posting about homemaking - simply because I do that every. single. day.

So, let me extend a personal invitation to you to join me over at Adventures in Homemaking. I hope you'll come by and visit me often.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I pray this year is filled with goodness for you!


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