Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Camping Weekend

My family of three went camping this weekend. It's the first time we've been since we moved back to Hoosier land. MW and I used to go years ago, but that was before we moved to the Sunshine State. We had all these visions of the gazillions of things we would do spending time outdoors there - camping included. Then we actually lived there. And, EW! That just wasn't going to happen. The parks we visited were more closely related to toxic dumping grounds here. There wasn't really much grass, just scrub. And, Lord, have mercy - the bugs. And snakes. And gators. Sleeping outside with things that can kill you just wasn't our cup of tea. You may be thinking that we're wieners right now. I suppose you'd be right.

Camping this weekend was pretty near divine, though. We went to a small lake nearby that is surrounded by woods. Our campsite had a creek running behind it with the lake in front of it. The best part was that since it's not a big state park, there was hardly anyone there. There were more fisherman than campers.

This is where we slept. Yes. It is a tent. I can't imagine camping any other way. I think it's all part of the "be one with nature" thing. Plus, you don't get the awesome campsites when you use a camper. So, anyhoo...

While me and MW were setting up the tent -we sent Little Britches out to collect sticks for the fire. He was much more interested in finding these, though. Aren't they just the cutest little baby toads you've ever seen?

As dusk began to fall we had an unexpected visitor. A raccoon decided to drop by and see what was going on. MW stood up, hoping he would decide to scurry away. He didn't. He stood up, too, kinda like, "Oh, yeah? You want sum'ma me?" As MW walked toward him hoping that would make him scurry off, he began to come closer. OK. That was a little weird for me. I thought wildlife was supposed to be all not wanting to have anything to do with people and all. Well...MW got a new toy for Father's Day - a BB/Pellet gun. You know he brought it with him. He didn't have the scope on it, yet, and it had BB's in it - not pellets. So, he grabbed that gun like he was Jesse James and began to make that raccoon dance. Then he scurried away. But not for long. By now it's almost dark and getting hard to see. But my eagle eyed husband spots a shadow on the opposite side of our camp. It's that blasted raccoon again! That sucker came back 4 times, right up on our campsite! I was getting kinda nervous seeing how they can be so vicious and are prone to carry rabies and all. And you KNOW how wildlife just loves me! Note the sarcasm in my voice here. We were beginning to question whether we ought to pack up and go home. He never came back after that fourth time, though. I guess he got the hint. I was relieved. I think raccoons are really cute. But that guy wasn't acting like a typical wild creature, which was starting to make me slightly paranoid. I figured he was either really friendly and used to people, or rabid, totally nutso and wanting to spread some rabid love. I didn't want to risk it being the number two answer. So, I was grateful he never came back. After that we went on to have a wonderful night.

Then I woke up looking like this. I know you're jealous. You want my hair, don't you? And my make up. Please, don't hate me because I'm beautiful! Now I feel like singing...I'm too sexy for my hair - too sexy for my hair...

After I washed my face and brushed my hair...we went exploring in the woods.

Little Britches got a present for his momma. He's so thoughtful!

He also spotted a big ol' crawdad.

We walked around the lake. Isn't it lovely? Actually, pictures don't even begin to do it justice.

Then my gifted toad became prisoner in a cup holder. Can't you just hear him screaming, "Don't I at least get a phone call?"?

We can't figure out why it's taken us so long to break down and go camping. There really is nothing quite so peaceful and relaxing as hanging out around a fire in the middle of the woods while watching wildlife. Ooooh, and sleeping with to the music of crickets and bullfrogs...I feel more relaxed just thinking about it! We saw our first Oriole while we were there. That was pretty cool.

I think it's a wonderful thing for Little Britches to experience, too. No electronics - just nature and his imagination. He had a blast! We'll definitely be going back again before too long!

MW said that this was the best Father's Day he's ever had! That makes me very happy!

I hope that your Father's Day weekend was half as great as ours was!


  1. Oh my gosh girl you are so funny my sides are hurting.

    It looks like you did have a great time despite all the critters!

    We went camping as well for father's day weekend but not in a tent, in a travel trailer camper. YES, my kids have an infatuation with toads, frogs, water snakes, snakes, snails and all that yucky stuff. They always grab my tupperware of all things to bring their creatures up to the campsite to keep us coming....needless to say that tupperware is no longer going to hold what it's supposed to...NOT in MY kitchen anyway!

    Happy Summer,


  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! The scenery is FAB, and your photos were really, really good.

    I only wish my hair looked that great after just waking up.

  3. OK....the last time I went camping..and it was in a tent...the people across the lake, in the private homes, were having a party...a very LOUD, LONG, ANNOYING air mattress wouldn't hold air and the bugs were awful...that least 20 years I reserve "camp" Westin or "camp" 4 or 5 stars...yep...that's how we "enlightened ones" do it! ;-D

    So sorry I made you queasy with my razor story...I'll keep that in mind for future comments! (wiener)

    I do believe I heard your little frog singing....yes, I'm sure I did..."someday my princess will come, someday...." he's just waiting for that magical kiss!

    For real...glad you had a great time and it didn't rain...which was what happened during my next to the last camping trip...but I didn't mind as I then got to stay at "camp 4 star"!

    oops...almost forgot...I use a body scrub...right now the one I'm using is from The Thymes in their lavender scent. Any gentle scrub will work (Mary Kay has a nice one)...I lather up all over using my pouffy scrubby thing, then I add some of the scrub and use it on my legs, feet elbows, knees...then I rinse really well and lather up the leg I'm going to shave and then...EVER so CAREFULLY...I shave it, then I repeat the process on the other leg!
    Hope that gave you enough info to get through it without any injuries!


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