Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Cone Wreath Ornament


on tree, close up
Are you ready to learn to make my favorite of all my handmade ornaments this year? Good.
I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do a white, neutral, rustic/glam Christmas theme this year instead of my traditional red. I also wanted to do this with a budget of zero dollars. This meant that I would need to get busy crafting. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and took my crafting supplies on our family vacation to a cabin in the woods last month. Unbeknownst to me I would have absolutely no access to the internet for an entire week. So much for getting directions off of Pinterest. I had to wing it. There are different versions of this cone wreath ornament floating around the web, but this is the way I did mine.
3 hymnal pages (or book pages, et.)
Hot glue gun
Hole Punch
Clear reinforcement labels
Evergreen sprig
Small pine cone
Ribbon or twine for hanging

To get the rest of the instructions, hop on over to my new blog, Still Playing House.

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