Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Christmas Story _ Pam's Tale Part 2


I promised that I would finish my Christmas tale today. If you need to catch up, read Part 1 here.
Isaac didn’t want physical gifts for Christmas this year. There were two concerts he wanted to go to instead. Yesterday, I shared a bit about the one we went to this past weekend. The first one we attended was last month. Allow me to share with you the saga it took to actually make it there.
This concert featured Francesca Battistelli
and Sanctus Real. These guys are from my neck of the woods, so I was pretty excited about seeing them in concert.
Sanctus Real
We had the whole thing planned out. We’d leave the house at 3 PM and make the hour drive to Fort Wayne where we’d grab a bite to eat somewhere and make it to the concert by 6 PM. We didn’t concern ourselves with the need to be there too early to stand in line because we had tickets for the Artist’s Circle. We would just get there when the doors opened. Let me reiterate here – that was the plan.
Click over to my new blog, Still Playing House, to finish this saga.

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