Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally...Winter Jam '10

As you may or may not have caught in my "To Do" list for Spring Break last week - we went to Winter Jam '10 this past Thursday.  The original plan was to meet up with the gang at 4:00 pm and head up to Fort Wayne.  But, when Chris' boss found out where we were going, he wanted Chris to drop off some equipment at another shop up there.  That meant we needed to leave earlier (without the rest of the gang) so we could find the place before they closed.  Naturally, when you change your plans and try to hurry, it throws some sort of wrench into the mix...

Like thinking that since your son was already in the car and your husband was on his way to the car, that you were cool to lock the door and shut it.  Except, your husband forgot to grab his keys and you purposely didn't bring yours.  So, you weren't going ANYWHERE - unless your husband did this...

Chris had to climb through the bathroom window to get his keys before we could actually GO to the concert.  We like to keep the excitement alive.

We got the the equipment dropped off in Ft. Wayne for Chris' boss and headed over to the colliseum to get in line. 

It was actually a good thing that we went early because this is what it looked like about an hour and forty-five minutes before the doors opened.

We were able to get the most awesome seats I've ever had at a concert - and save enough for the rest of the gang when they got there.

We were right by the sound pit where all of the artist came out and waited before they went up on stage.

Those are the stairs that they actually used.  It was fascinating to get to see all of the behind the scenes stuff that went on.

The crew setting up before the concert.

Most of the groups only did two or three songs.  Except, Newsong.  They hosted the concert and did a pretty big set.

They went all out with confetti and giant balloons.  It was pretty cool.  But, some of my favorite moments were when the bands would just sing with acoustic guitars.  And this...

Let me just say here - I am not one to be star-struck.  People are people, right?  They put their pant on just like we all do.  They just happen to make their living in the public eye.  I've been to lots of concerts.  I got to meet lots of artists when I sang in the choir of the Handel's Young Messiah Tour years ago.  Heck, I even (accidentally) touched Michael English's butt.  But none of that affected me like seeing Mac Powell walk out into the pit to get ready to go onstage.

I suddenly became a thirteen year old girl.  I leaned over and told Chris, "I'm actually excited!!".  I was giggling and waving and trying to take pictures.  It was ridiculous.  I didn't feel too bad, though, because I think my husband turned into a thirteen year old girl, too!

You see, Third Day has been our favorite band since...forever!  Or, at least since the 90's when they actually started producing records.  Or CD's.  Or eight-tracks.  Or whatever the heck it is they actually call them now.  Anyway...we've been fans since their beginnings. :0)

Mac, right underneath our feet with his hairy Jesus lookin' self.

Guess who?  He was so close we could have plucked one of his hairs out.  But, some party pooper would have called security and had us escorted out of the building into another nice, sturdy building with bars and we actually wanted to see Third Day perform.  It was basically the whole reason we came to the concert, after all.  Plus, we had spent Chris' retirement and Isaac's college fund on 2 drinks a piece and a Dippin Dots for the boy - so we wouldn't have been able to afford bail.  We couldn't expect our friends to bail us out, either,  because they have more kids than we do.  I'm pretty sure they left the building missing an appendage or two.

So, we got to hear Third Day end the show with a 45 minute set.  Mac heard how awesome I am when he was in the pit right below our feet and had me come up on stage with him to help him sing "God of Wonders"...Yeah right.  It would have made the show better, I think, though.  No?  Whatever, Loser. 

Then...we were hungry from all that screaming and jumping and acting like thirteen year old girls.  So, we drove through McDonalds at 10:58 pm and this is exactly how the conversation went.  I'm not exaggerating here.  At all.

"Hi.  Welcome to McDonald's.  May I take your order, please?"

"Hi.  Yeah.  We'd like.....and ..... and ....with a ..... to drink with that."

"OK.  So, I have your order as ....."  Then silence before she finished repeating our order back to us.  And then, more silence.  Followed by...

"I'm sorry.  We're closed."

HELLLLLOOOOOO!  YOU JUST TOOK OUR ORDER!!!    I swear, I thought I was back in Florida for a minute.  Except, we could actually understand what she said.

So, we left without causing a scene because, remember we had no bail money left, and went and found a McDonald's that actually stayed open later than 10:58 pm on a Thursday night. 

After the adrenaline wore off we struggled to stay awake on the long ride home.  But, we arrived safely with gratitude in our hearts that we had had a wonderful evening, all in all, and didn't have to climb through the bathroom window to get in the house.  And we all lived happily ever after.  The end.  Well, the end of this story anyway. :0)


  1. I think that your voice could so be up on stage with third day.:)
    I so like your stories!

  2. LOL!!Love the picture of your hubby climbing through the window, lol. PRICELESS! After all, what is an adventure without a few snafus like that (and having to take stuff that way for his employer!)??

    As for seeing Mac Powell, I would have been priddy giddy (couldn't resist) myself! LOVE Third Day.

    Good times, good times. Without these snafus, it would be merely an ordinary old concert, no? This way there is so much more adventure, lol.

  3. Awww, thanks Teresa!

    And, Becky - we much prefer adventure to the ordinary!

  4. FUNNY!!! We have a door that requires a key on both sides to lock and unlock....so it's ok when we forget our key, we know it right away and can just walk right back in....the problem comes when we forget that we are supposed to stop and lock the door with said key and come home to an unlocked door and the momentary thoughts of panic considering who may have "broken in" to our house!

  5. OH ROFLOL! I had to read parts of this one to James and show him every picture! ROFLOL!!!! We are so cracking up tonight.

    I am glad you had such an awesome time. I miss you though. *sniff*


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