Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Springtime Everyday

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this winter - but, I'm beginning to look forward to Spring.  I was having a conversation with my mailman, Mike, yesterday where he was talking about his garden.  Then he said, "What I'm really looking forward to is your tulips coming up."  Me too, Mike.  Me too.

Our first Spring in this house we were delighted to find a few tulip plants come up in the front yard.  Then, my husband was horrified to come home from work one day and find that I had cut them to bring in the house.  I told him that I couldn't enjoy them out there under the window, so I brought them inside where I could enjoy them.  After all, why should I have something that I'm not able to enjoy?

That Fall we planted 50 gazillion tulip bulbs which lit up the whole front of the house and walk-way last Spring.  Evidently, we weren't the only ones who enjoyed them. 

My sunflowers were another example of this.  I had so many neighbors tell me how much they enjoyed watching my sunflowers grow summer before last.  I didn't get them planted last year.  But this year I plan on planting three different varieties.

It was that conversation with Mike-the-mailman yesterday that made me realize that the beauty we create for our own enjoyment just seems to spill over onto everyone else.  I think this principle applies to a lot more than flowers, too.  I believe that when we take the time to create a place, a life that we love - it not only touches us, but it touches others in a positive way, too.  So, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe I don't just have to look forward to Spring - but I can create it today, everyday, by just choosing to spread a little sunshine.  Wouldn't that be nice?


  1. Sooo agree. I've got serious tulip envy, lol.

    We haven't got as far as planning our landscape out for the long term...I just have a few pots of geraniums on my porch which managed to endure the winter, and a few 'starts' (as per your suggestion) in my windowsill that are thriving...and that'll have to do this year.

    We, too, are planning on growing some things, but we've got to figure out a way to keep those dern ground squirrels from decimating things as they did last year. Oy....it's a never ending battle in these parts.

  2. Yes, I agree and I love the kick in the pants your inspirational post gave me. Thank you, Ma'am.

    I am itching to get in our yard this Spring and go plant happy. Esp. after the Winter we have endured. I have never been able to successfully grow tulip (or other bulb plants for that matter), but I am looking forward to planting many more butterfly plants!

  3. HALLELUJAH MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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