Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How NOT To Fish

My family likes to fish. OK. I like to do things with my husband and HE likes to fish. Kapeesh? I really do have fun with him whatever we are doing - so it really doesn't matter. Anyway...back during the first year of our marriage, we decided to go catfishin' at a pay pit one night. The whole concept of the pay pit is that they stock it with fish, so you're supposed to be able to catch fish when you go. Right? That sounds great, in theory. But, this night...well, the fish just weren't biting. I got bored. I mean, when you go fishing and you actually get some action - it's pretty fun. But, when you just keep sitting there doing nothing but staring at a stationary bobber - it can be quite a yawner. I know there are many men who would disagree with me. These are probably the same men who think that shopping even if you don't find anything is a total waste of time. So, whatever...

Back to my story. I got bored. Then I got creative. I realized that bullfrogs will bite anything that you put in front of them. So, I quit fishin' and started bullfroggin'. MW thought that seemed like fun, so he joined in. Then he had a brilliant idea! He suggested that we bring the bullfrogs home and have frog legs for dinner. I've never had frog legs before - but, hey, MW likes them. And he assured me that they taste like chicken! :0) That was good enough for me.

We caught enough bullfrogs for dinner and took them home. We were so excited! We were gonna have frog legs for dinner! We didn't think through the whole process beforehand, though. Once we got them to the kitchen sink and got ready to prepare them, we couldn't figure out how to actually get their legs off. Do we cut them off while they're still alive? What would we do with the rest of their maimed selves after we cut their legs off? Please, we're not that cruel. Do we kill them first and then cut their legs off? That would be more humane, right? (If you belong to PETA - PLEASE, quit reading now.) How do we even kill them? Knock them in the head? What do we knock them in the head with? What if we knock them in the head and they don't die? What if they just pass out and then we cut their legs off they wake up from the amputation and start hopping around the kitchen all one legged and bloody like? No, we couldn't have that either. We were sort of in a pickle. We had all of these frogs and didn't know what to do with them.

The only thing that we could think to do was get some water boiling, put the frogs in the boiling water, cook them and then cut the back legs off of the dead frogs. Easy peasy. It was a plan. But, it wasn't a great plan. It wasn't even a good plan. Oh, we put those big bullfrogs in boiling water and cooked them alright. But, when we took the lid off of the pot we weren't expecting what we saw. Somehow, the frogs had expanded during cooking and they didn't look right. They were all grey and their eyes had melted. Ew, gross! Suddenly, MW and I had totally lost our appetite for frog legs. I'm pretty sure that I've never eaten them to this day.

So, what have we learned today? Sometimes you should just stick to shopping.

Have a great day!


  1. OH.MY.GOD. That has to be the funniest visual I've ever had. I can't wait to read this to The Man when he gets home!


  2. That is quite the story. No Betty Crocker recipe available......? ;o)

  3. that is hysterical. unfortunately, for you, pretty gross. wonder how you do fix frog's legs?

    i live in gahanna but one of my sons live in reynoldsburg.

    i lived in royerton, which looks to be direct east from you. i lived there from summer 1964 til spring 1966, my junior high yrs.
    i absolutely loved living there!

    thanks for the info about the nashville cabins. we're always looking for getaway places.

    now, if only i could stop thinking about frogs!

    blessings -

  4. Ok when you are laughing hysterically, your stories are great you tell them with life and very vividly. Now about frog legs you are suppose to stick something in there heads first to kill them them cut off their legs and fry them not boil. I ask my husband who knew how to do this he says they taste like chicken but you aint going to get me to eat them!

  5. Really, Frogs for dinner? I didn't think people actually ate that stuff.

  6. Oh, my word, Pam...this is probably the funniest thing I've read in weeks! I laughed my fool head off, and my family came running.

    They were all grey and their eyes had melted. Ew, gross! Suddenly, MW and I had totally lost our appetite for frog legs. I'm pretty sure that I've never eaten them to this day.

    Wiping the tears off my face. Thanks for the laughs!


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