Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Give Away!

Do you remember this give away? You know - the DaySpring platter give away that Nester was hosting? Yes. That one. Well....I won, I won, I WON!!!! Yay, me! I don't usually win anything, so bear with my excitement, please. Don't feel bad, though. You have a chance to win, too. Not on this give away, though. 'CAUSE I WON THIS ONE! Sorry about that.

You can have a chance to win on this give away. Layla from The Lettered Cottage is hosting a give away in honor of her 1 year blogging anniversary. Congratulations, Layla! (She has a great name, doesn't she? It's also my dog's name. I love my dog. I also love The Lettered Cottage.) Anyway, what you will win is a personalized burlap table runner by Grace of Coastline. Isn't it darling? I've been noticing that burlap is all the rage in decorating lately and Grace has lots of burlap products in her etsy shop. Check out a couple more of her burlap products.

She also sells other lovely things that aren't made of burlap, if that's not your thing. But if it is - head on over to The Lettered Cottage and enter Layla's Anniversary Give Away. Maybe you'll be a winner, too!


  1. So glad that you won ~ Yeah for you!

  2. I love the platter you won! Where did you put it?


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