Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The End of Our Museum Tour

Today I am seriously feeling like I don't want to drag out our trip to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis any longer. I had another sewing lesson last week and have been making the rest of the throw pillows for my living room and want to get to that soon. So, let me just tell you that there is way too much to do and see at the museum to post about it all. I do want to share with you a little about my favorite exhibit, The Dinosphere, though. Please excuse the quality of the pictures.

There are a lot of real fossilized dinosaur skeletons on exhibit and they have them set up in a habitat. They explain about each dino and have diagrams that show which bones are fossils and which ones they had to cast. There are also programs that talk about the dinosaurs and what we can learn about them from their bones.

This is a dinosaur femur that they have on display and you can actually touch it. Very cool.

Real, live, paleontologists work there as well. You can watch them working on fossils that have been more recently found and can speak with them as well. This is a triceratops skull that they have been working on after hours for 5 years now. Sorry about the glare. It's behind a locked door and I couldn't get a shot without a glare on it.

You can look at eggs that have been found, put a cast skeleton together like a puzzle, let the littler ones play in the play area with outfits and nests that make them look like little dinos themselves, or go upstairs into the art lab and sketch what you have seen. I'm probably missing something else, but it's really cool.

You just also may be able to capture a shot of a cute little boy while you're there!

Well, this wraps up my tour of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's well worth the trip. Thanks for coming along!

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