Friday, March 16, 2012

Cute Etsy Find

Let's talk about checkbook covers today. How'd that be? Do any of you use the cheap, crappy little vinyl ones that you get when you order your checks? I do. Because I'm cheap frugal. Back years ago, like before I gave birth or had a yungun' cut out of me or however you prefer to phrase it, I worked at a bank. Do you know that we actually had three color choices for those cheap, crappy little vinyl checkbook covers then? Yes'm we did. Navy, green and red. Now, I guess the cheap, crappy little vinyl checkbook cover companies are experiencing a financial crises where they can't afford green and red pigment or something, because we aren't given color options anymore. The cheap, crappy little vinyl checkbook covers only come in navy blue.

Don't get me's not that I really care. It's not one of those life-altering experiences. I don't get bummed when I open my new box of checks and SURPRISE! I get another cheap, crappy little vinyl checkbook cover in navy blue or anything. I think I might actually sew a bunch of them together and make a tablecloth or matching bra and pantie set out of them or something. But, I digress...

Ever since I opened a business account and carry two checkbooks with me, this single color option has been an oh-so-slight pain in the neck. I don't want to take 3 seconds to get the right checkbook when it used to only take me 1 second. Do you feel me? So, I figured I needed to find another checkbook cover. So I thunk and I thunk and then I thunk some more about where I could find another one. And...then it hit me. Duh! Etsy! Y'all, they have everything on that site. I'm pretty sure that if you can think it up, you can probably find someone who makes and sells it on Etsy.

Since my shop is PURE YANKABILLY, I really wanted to find something that had a western feel or cowboy boots. I'm a duplicate check kind of gal, so it was important to me that there be a plastic insert to go between the checks. Look what I found!

Here's a shot of the inside...

It has a place for my register and a plastic piece sewn in for the duplicates. And, it has a cute contrasting fabric on the inside.

I purchased this through a shop called Every Stitch. It was less than $10 and shipped out the same day I purchased it. I saw so many cute covers, though, that had I not had something specific in mind, I would've had a hard time choosing. Prices range anywhere from $5 up, depending on what type of material you prefer.

Now, when I see this in my purse...

I'm back to fishing out the right checkbook in one second flat. That makes me smile. :0)

So, share with me...have you ever purchased anything from Etsy? We're you looking for something specific or just window shopping?

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