Monday, October 17, 2011

Dyson's Latest Invention.

Have y'all seen one of these yet?

It's a dryer.  For your hands.

We went to the zoo last weekend and after returning from the restroom, my husband says, "You HAVE to go the bathroom just to see the new Dyson dryers."  Yes, we're easily entertained. :0)

This thing is wild!  It dries your hand in mere seconds.  What will the creator of the Dyson line come up with next?  I wish I had half the ingenuity of that guy!

Happy hand-towels!


  1. We have these at our local theater. Yes, I love them. I wish they were everywhere. I get a kick out of watching my skin move ....did you notice?

  2. LOL.. I am so glad someone else noticed and loved them as much as I did.. I think I saw that at lowes or homedepot and I had to tell everyone about them.. I think they save energy because they work so fast they are not on for long at all. :)


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