Monday, August 15, 2011

A Tribute to an Indiana Summer

After having an unseasonably long, cold and snowy winter, followed by one of the hottest and the driest summer on record - I'm relishing in the perfect days we're having right now.  Temperatures in the 70s, bright blue skies, smells to delights the senses - ahhh...summer perfection.  While taking a drive through the country yesterday afternoon I told my husband, "It's days like these that make those last cold days of winter that feel like they're never going to end worth it."  These are the days that encompass everything I love about the Hoosier State.  

I notice that the days are getting shorter, fall decorations are lining the store shelves, there is a difference in the air and everyone is beginning to turn their sights to 'back to school' and hunkering down for the autumn routine.  In short, we're starting to say 'good-bye' to the carefree days of summer.  I'm not quite ready for that yet.  I'm clinging to her for everything she's worth at the moment.  So, in honor of summer in all her glory, I thought I'd share some pictures I snapped to showcase some of the things I love about this place that has so captured my heart.

Hope you relish in the last bit summer!


  1. I LOVE this post. You do live in such a beautiful place.

    Oh, and I am so not ready to leave Summer behind. It zoomed past this year. I would like another month off. :(

  2. I love Indiana too! I'm glad its in the '70's now.


  3. Gorgeous pictures, Pam!

    We're also experiencing fabulous weather up here in Wisconsin and I'm relishing it. :)

  4. Looooved the photos in this post! Beautiful...some look like screensavers I could look at over and over!

  5. Thanks for the offer to keep your eyes open for that cake plate. See? Your love of milkglass is yet another reason we were likely separated at birth, lol. ;)

  6. From one Hoosier to another: love your photos!


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