Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's on my nightstand?

What's On Your Nightstand

I have never participated in "What's on Your Nightstand?" before, but I have listed the books I was reading on my blog before.  But, my dear friend, Jesse, took part and since I love her more than a fat kid loves chocolate cake (and I love books), I thought I'd tag along.  I'm also pretty excited that a new blog dedicated to books was opened up to me. Yay!

To participate in this party we're supposed to share about why we chose our books and when we sneak in reading.  I currently read in little snippets for the most part when I can snag a few moments during the day.  So, here's what I'm reading.

I got a new MacBook and need to learn the nuances between this and my old PC.  Nuff said.

Single income household.  Want to learn as much as I can about ways to get out of debt and save some major fundage.  I really liked this book.  It's a great base that made me realize I really need to dig deeper into the world of investing.  Nuff said.

I homeschool my 10 year old son and we are currently reading this classic together.  We're really enjoying it - only have a few chapters left to go.  We went to the library tonight and rented the DVD of it that stars Pierce Brosnan to watch as soon as we finish it because we're enjoying it so much.  I opted not to get the video version starring Jackie Chan.  Although I like him, the reviews I read said that it barely held to the book.  Nuff said.

I like Amish fiction.  I figured I'd also like Amish reality.  I do.  Nuff said.

My husband and I dream of owning acreage with chickens, cows and goats one day - off grid and all.  Since we don't live like that at this point, we put out a big garden and I make the most of this time as a learning experience for when we get to live the total dream.  Since we've moved to this house with a yard I've learned to can, make our soap and stuff like that.  These types of books really help.  This seems to be a really good primer in the basics.  Nuff said.

This book is similar to the last one, but tends to be more detailed with how to build different sorts of shelter, solar panels, ponds and things like that.  It would be good if you're going to do that stuff yourself instead of hire a professional.

Alright, so that's what's on my nightstand at the moment.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  1. What a great variety of books! The Total Money Makeover completely changed the way my husband and I deal with money.

  2. Welcome to Nightstand! Some interesting books you have there. Around the World is one of my favorites.

  3. Welcome to the nightstand. Your homesteading books look good!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  4. Cool!! I've got the same Homesteading book out of the library right now. [The brown one]. I've done Dave Ramsey and the "Plain Wisdom" is going on my to-read list! Good post!

  5. I did a lot of homestead reading ten or twelve years ago while I was a teen--but this young career girl hasn't the time (nor the place) to do any homesteading nowabouts. Hope your homestead dreams can become a reality one of these days! (Maybe thanks to a little Dave Ramsey-ing?)

  6. bekahcubed,

    That's my hope!! :0)

  7. WOOHOO! You're a bloggin' again. YES!

    Doggone girl, that is a lot of books at one time. I am impressed.

    As for Around the World...we totally watched the Jackie Chan version because we are HUGE Jackie Chan fans here. Something new to learn about me.

  8. YAY!! Glad to see you're back. Ditto on the Dave Ramsey thing. I'm learning all over again how important that debt snowball is for this one-income household. Whew. Some lessons I wish I didn't have to learn twice!

    On the homestead thing...google blogs about urban homesteading. There is a family in Pasadena, CA that sells thousands of dollars worth of produce (mostly lettuce and salad items) to area restaurants from their little 1/5 acre plot in the city. They use every inch of space, have a couple of goats, ducks and chickens. It's doable even in the 'burbs. Goats and ducks can count as pets. =) Fantastic inspiration right there. It's what we're gearing up to one tree, one more garden bed, one additional 'pet' at a time. =)

  9. Hey Becky!

    I have heard of that family in CA and read a little bit about them. I think they even make their own biodiesel. Some of the homesteading blogs are my favorites. Unfortunately, it's illegal to even have chickens in my town. So, we're just plugging away like you said - one garden, one tree...at a time. :0)

  10. Glad you joined in - nice to meet you! I am a big Dave Ramsey fan, hope you found a lot to help you out there. Enjoy your May reading!

  11. I LOVE love love book lists! Thanks for sharing what you are reading! Looks like we enjoy some of the same things!


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