Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Good To Me

Y'all my man is sooo good to me! He surprised me by scheduling an hour long massage for me last night. Oh. My. I can't even begin to tell you how good that felt! You probably have an idea if you've ever had one. And, if you've never gotten a massage...you need to put it on your Christmas wish list. Seriously.

During the day yesterday, I had washed our sheets then just threw them on the bed while the coverlet was in the dryer. We have a full motion, king size waterbed, so I usually wait for the Mr. to get home before I make the bed. It's so much easier with two. Well, after this wonderfully surprising massage last night - I get home to find not only did he have my supper waiting on me, but he had made the bed up by himself AND did more laundry and folded it! Quite frankly, I was feeling so pampered that it left me speechless. God, I love that man!


  1. Wow...whatta guy! Sending you off for a massage and doing the laundry and making the bed and dinner all in one day? That's like Christmas in November, lol!

  2. you lucky girl! I would keep him too!

  3. Thank God for wonderful husbands!!! They sure are a blessing...of course we wonderful wives are, too!


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