Monday, October 12, 2009

Civil War Days

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, crisp Autumn day here in Indiana. It was perfect for visiting Civil War Days. The only bad part was the rain that had fallen all week long prior to Saturday. It left the ground a muddy mess in spite of the straw that was put down to help. I looked at it as an opportunity to really experience the old days. :0)

Blackford County Civil War Days is one of the largest re-enactments in the nation. People come from all over to participate in this 3 day weekend. Since we are learning American History this year in school - it was a great opportunity to see history come to life. Isaac was so excited. He kept seeing things that we have read about this year. I think it really helped solidify the fact that people actually lived so much differently than we do today and that the things we read about are not just stories. They are relevant. It is our history.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

This is a close up of one of the cannons used for the re-enacted battle. The smoke from these bad boys smells just like rotten eggs. You gotta love ya some sulfur.

This is a partial shot of one of the lines of cannons. The field is huge that they battle on. We weren't there for one of the actual battles - but, I can only imagine that it would have been nothing less than fascinating.

The people that take part in these travel all over to participate. This is a chuck wagon camp. The settlers were on the back side by the fire.

Another chuck wagon. Those oxen actually pull this thing. I couldn't get over how huge those beasts actually were in person - much larger than our run-of-the-mill cow. It's no wonder why they were so popular for hauling stuff.

This is a few of the permanent structures on the site. The mayor's office is there. That's where the soldiers collect their pay. There is also a jail and a saloon where you can stop in for a pickle and some ice cold beer of the root variety.

Check out this camp. The part you're looking at is where most of the day is spent. The back side is the sleeping tent. Some people would actually bring 4 poster beds to place in their tents for sleeping. And, yes, they actually do sleep here. All weekend. And, let me just tell ya - this time of year it's getting cold at night. We're talking upper 30's cold. I don't know how they do it.

Can you see the smoke coming off the fire pit. That's probably coffee brewing. But, these people actually cook on these pits. It amazed me. And made me salivate. We were there around supper time and boy did it smell good!

The guys who slept here every night had to be real men!

A couple of Confederates at their camp site.

Another view of one of the Confederate camp sites.

I thought this view was strangely befitting. The back edge of the camp butts up against a cemetery.

Look at how the trees are starting turn against that gorgeous blue sky. I love this time of year!

Tomorrow I'll give you a glimpse of some of the shops and people.

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